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Vape Starter Kits, DTL, MTL, Pod System Devices, Basic E-Cigarettes, Disposables – Choose from an Extensive Range with the Best Deals on all Major Brands… You’ll need the ideal vape kit to help realise your passion for vaping, especially if you’re a novice to vaping. Our vape store UK selection as the biggest brands in vaping today and feature vape kits that are suitable for complete beginners as well as more advanced options.

  • Entry-Level ‘Cigalikes’ that mimic the design and feel of a Traditional Cigarette.

  • Simple, Small, and Sleek Pod Systems – Suitable for all types of Vapers.

  • Ideal for Beginners - Discreet & User Friendly

  • Advanced & Powerful Vape Kits designed to produce larger clouds of Vapour – Perfect for ‘Cloud-Chasing’.

With our vape kits UK, you have the perfect solution to purchase everything you need to start enjoying vaping. Even if you have vaped before, our vapour kits are an all in one solution that can work out cheaper than buying everything separately. If you worry about purchasing the wrong parts and accessories for your device then a vape starter kit UK is ideal. We have a full range of different vape kits UK to choose from, all with unique designs and features and from the latest brands including Aspire, Smok and VooPoo to name a few. Browse our full range and choose from the style you prefer such as pod system devices to more advanced Sub-ohm devices. Grab a great deal on the best vaping kits UK today!

Best Vaping Kits UK

We supply our vapour kits with you in mind, so that with one purchase you have all the necessary pieces to start vaping straight away. Complete with battery, coils, charger and mod, there’s no messing around trying to work out what you need altogether. Take the hassle out of starting to vape by purchasing a vape starter kit UK today. We understand there are a variety of options available so knowing where to start and what to choose that works for you can be difficult. You’ll find kits from as low as £17.99 such as the Innokin Endura T20 Kit, that is a perfect entry-level device due to its thin, compact design and 2ml tank, or the similarly priced Aspire PockeX AIO Vape Starter Kit UK that is an all-in-one device, featuring a wider drip-tip and a larger top-airflow that will maximise vapour production.

Knowing what tanks are compatible with which vaporizers is not easy, especially if you’re a vaping novice, and we’re here to make it much easier to navigate. Some of the best vaping kits UK are arranged to pair the ideal parts and components together, so you don’t have to make the wrong choice. Most will come with a personal vaporizer mod as well as the charging cable, vape parts, atomizers, and vaping tank. Some of these parts will need replacing at some point, but you’ll have everything at once to get started with no delay from delivery.

Which Vape Kits UK Are There to Choose?

When browsing for vape kits UK, you’ll need to decide if the ones you find provide everything you need. Maybe you need a higher wattage or a slightly different size, or better performance overall. Whatever it is you’re looking for, you should check with your selection that has everything you need, as whilst most vape starter kits have all the necessary pieces, some may not come with battery cells or vape juice. We have plenty of mods and accessories just in case you need anything additional with your order. Remember that not all vape mods are the same and provide similar results, so with choosing a starter kit, you can find out the style you prefer the most, whether its low vapour output or a more compact design. Here’s a breakdown of the types of vape kits we stock, each with slightly different outcomes.

  • Cigarette Style – These are generally entry-level devices that mimic the look of a traditional cigarette. Similar in size and shape, E-cigarettes are probably the most recognisable and well-known with their first-generation design and many people have used them as alternatives to smoking. They also have the lowest voltage of most vape kits.
  • Pod System Devices – these are small and sleek and great all-round vape kits. Some examples include the Snowwolf A-Feng Pod System AIO Vape Kit that includes a replacement pod, coil, charging cable and spare parts. Also, the Smok RPM40 Pod Vape Kit which has a compact design and is a versatile hybrid between a pod system and box mod, featuring adjustable power settings.
  • Vape Pen Devices – these are great for beginners and provide an easy to use discreet design. Easy to hold due to the long thin construction, we have plenty of examples such as the FreeMax TWISTER Vape Starter Kit UK that has stand-out design and includes a variable wattage built-in battery tube mod. Also the Uwell NUNCHAKU Vape Starter Kit UK that’s easy to use and features variable wattage mode and temperature control.
  • Sub OHM Devices – these vape kits are the most advanced and powerful on the market. They are designed to produce larger clouds of vapour for those that want to cloud-chase. Examples include the Aspire Feedlink Revvo Squonk Kit that’s semi-regulated to draw power directly from the battery and features a pistol grip. Also the Geek Vape Aegis Solo 100w Vape Kit with its compact shape and fast response time.

You’ll find all our vape kits UK for beginners to advanced vapers all here at VapeHut UK. As well as single battery devices, you’ll find double battery devices so that you can keep vaping for evening longer periods throughout the day.

Vape Kits UK Built to Last

Here at Vapehut UK, we’re proud of our huge selection of vape kits so that you have plenty of choice from the best brands about. Remember to check out our full E-Liquid selection, with more flavours than you can handle at once. From Creamy and Candy flavoured vapes to menthol and traditional tobacco tastes. Whichever your favourite is, we’ll have it here. We offer competitive prices on all our products and we are always adding to our already brimming selection. If you have any questions, please do get in touch and we’ll be more than happy to help you decide on the vaping products ideal for you.