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Huge Range of Replacement Coils & Refillable Pods from all Major Brands including SMOK, Aspire, Innokin, Vaporesso, OBS, Geekvape, VooPoo, and many more… Coils don’t last forever, so that’s why we have a plentiful range of coils available in our vape shop UK. An integral part of your vaping experience by heating your chosen e-liquid, we have coils suitable for your kit or tank.

When you’re existing coils begin to wear, we have a huge range of replacement vape coils UK & refillable pods from all the major brands including SMOK, Aspire, Innokin, Vaporesso, OBS, Geekvape, VooPoo, and many more. Browse our full selection of vape coil kits below and order today for free standard delivery.

Replacement Vape Coils UK

To keep vaping uninterrupted, you’ll need to replace your coil at some point. As a wearable part, over time their effect will reduce, and your experience will become less enjoyable. The good news is the coils are easily replaced and we have plenty of options to do so from the biggest brands. No matter the type of device,pod, and mods you already use, you’ll be able to find a compatible vape coil kit to get your vaping back on track when you’re existing one has seen better days. If you use e-cigarette style devices or more advanced sub ohm devices, the right choice of vape coil wire UK will ensure you enhance your experience and provide the right match for your favourite e-liquids.

The vape coil component wears as you use your vaping devices, as this part provides the heating element for your e-liquid mixture that turns it into vapour to inhale. You’ll notice when the coil has begun to wear and needs replacing as the taste of your e-liquid will change and your enjoyment will be impacted. Coils also come at different resistances or ohms so you can decide which is most suitable for your vaping habits.

Of course, the more regularly you vape, the quicker you will need to replace the coil so it will differ between users how long it will take to wear. If you start to taste a burnt flavour, it’s a pretty good sign a new vape coil wire UK is needed. As an approximate, if you class yourself as a heavy vaper that vapes regularly throughout the day, you may need to change this within 6 days. For someone that only sporadically vapes, you could get up to 3 weeks before needing to change, so it really can vary on usage. Fortunately, the vape coil building kit UK range we stock all come with multiple coils so that you have plenty to hand when you need to replace them.

The Latest Brands of Vape Coil Wire UK

When browsing through our selection of vape coil kits, you’ll find the leading brands all featured for you to pair with your device. From Smok, we have many 5 coil packs including the V8 Baby Mesh Replacement Coils that are ideal for the Smok V8 Baby range, using a mesh coil technology that provides even distribution of heat and improved taste and cloud production. There’s also the TFV Mini V2 Vape coils 3 pack that will work with the TFV-Mini V2 Tank and Species kit that is ideal for sub ohm vaping. You’ll find throughout the ranges of coils you can select the coil resistance that you need. Some will have many options for this compared to others, so it’s important to know which is best for your device.

The different ohm levels range from 0.15 to 2.8, with the higher level coils operating above 1.0 ohms. Sub Ohm n operate at 1.0 or below, meaning they will produce more vapour and an intense flavour and warmth. These are best to be used with higher VG e-liquids that we sell but will burn through liquid much more quickly. The higher ohm vape coils UK above 1.0 produce less vapour. They also use much less e-liquid whilst you vape and replicates the feeling of mouth-to-lung vaping such as from regular smoking. Higher ohm levels are great for novice vapers as they offer a stronger hit to your throat and are the nearest experience to normal cigarette smoking.

Other brands we stock include Vaporesso who have a range of 3 and 5 pack vape coil wire UK kits, with the CCell-GD Ceramic Coils offering an innovative alternative to regular cotton or silica coil heads that delivers a longer lifespan. This is available in 0.5 and 0.6 ohms and works with the Vaporesso Guardian tank. Innokin have a range of vape coil building kit UK options for their devices such as the Prism S 5 pack and JEM replacement coils. Whichever brand you have a device from, you’ll find the matching coils through Vape Hut UK.

Purchase a Vape Coil Building Kit UK & More

Our huge selection ensures you’ll never run out of essential vape coils UK and we offer free delivery on all orders. If you need your vape coil wire UK quicker, you can also choose from special delivery options. Here at VapeHut UK, our wide range of e-liquids and vape kits ensure whether you are an experienced vaper looking for something new, or a novice vaper deciding on where to start, we can help you with our extensive choice. If you have any queries, please do get in touch with us today.